Individual analysis report of the collaboration brief.

Before the start of the new term, several classes were given the same collaboration brief which required members from each subject (Games Design, Interactive Design Arts etc) to integrate and mix into small preplanned groups. Unfortunately, although we were recommended by Joel to familiarise ourselves with each other through email, my group didn’t actually meet until the day of the debriefing. Thankfully, I had a member from my class in my group meaning I didn’t feel too apprehensive about mingling as I do sometimes struggle with making friends.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 18.24.17.png

After being debriefed for about five minutes, we were set off freely to do as we pleased. My group and I decided to dive straight into work by establishing a name and condition. We did work on this for quite some time due to a few disagreements about which name would work well with whichever condition more, however because we wanted to work in harmony, we agreed that creating a tally would be the best way to resolve this issue due to the majority over the minority rule.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 15.24.45.png

The tally resulted in our group choosing “Australian macadamias” as a name, as well as the condition of “1 every minute”.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 15.26.36.png

We soon realised that we would only have 20 minutes, 15 minutes of that being game time which would mean we could only use 15 macadamias each (1 every minute/15 minutes= 15 macadamias). I personally felt this would restrict the potential of the game as you could possibly give out more than and why decrease the capability of the game? After voicing my opinion to the group, other members said they felt the complete same so as a collective, we settled on changing our condition to “nobody can move”. The game “stuck in the mud” was suggested as an influence for our game because the same condition is used and it has generated so much success.

After we were satisfied with our choice, we exchanged our numbers and created a group chat on Whatsapp to keep in touch and discuss concepts. The conversation was nameless as we hadn’t determined what we’d like to be called. It was very interesting working with students who were not from the same course as I as we were all individually able to add an input and generate ideas from different perspectives to each other which was quite refreshing and fascinating.


We were set our next task for class which was to deliver a presentation explaining our game, the name and condition as well as a ruff summary of the rules. As we hadn’t settled on a name, we were originally going to go along with ‘Australian Macadamias’, however, the word ‘Nut’ was thrown into the conversation and contemplated on. We did also think about the title having a sexual word play as it could prove out to be quite amusing so we did develop a few names such as “Grab my nuts!”, “Take my nuts!”, “Eat my nuts!” and “One minute nut” (this name was created while we still had the condition of “one per minute”) and decided to ask friends and family which name out of those they preferred. Again, we was going to use the majority over the minority rule of choosing which name was picked the most. Eventually we felt those were way too erotic and we wanted to keep it child friendly here. Finally, we reverted back to settling with the name “Nut”.

We kept our presentation short and simple like the name and addressed our ideas and plans to our audience. I do believe as a group we could have been a bit more vocal as only one member of our group was explaining our proposal, however, this did then give me to urge to speak whereas I would usually shy away! I was proud to have come out of my comfort zone, even though it was only for a short minute and by the end of the presentation, a question of “who would play the game right now?” was put out there and there was a massive show of hands. I was quite surprised but very happy as it proved that we had an interesting game regardless of how simple it was.

While creating the rule sheet, each member was active in participating. Noel and Keiron were anointed on selecting which rules worked best for the game, Gwyn was chosen to create and create the rule sheet, I was picked to design the logo for Nut with the help of Stephen as he thought it would be best to use UAL’s logo as an influence. Noel was also a massive help on the physical creativity and design of the macadamia pouches.



On game day, we originally had the idea of having players rather than playing ourselves. Nonetheless, we played, setting a timer of 15 minutes and found a spot we’d stick to, to then convince strangers to take a picture with a macadamia nut. Through playing, we established that social skills as well as your personality played a bit part in your success in the game. You had to be able to talk to people with confidence as well as have persuasion skills and if you didn’t have those abilities, it was very easy to lose. Kieron, the charmer, came in first place by successfully giving away all 20 nuts with 20 pictures to prove. Stephen is quite a laid back and reserved person so I believe these personality traits is what caused him to only give two macadamias away. I identify myself as an ambivert so found myself conflicted between two traits of confidence and shying away. I only managed to give 7 nuts away meaning I also received 7 selfies which can be seen below:

Overall, collaborating with other disciplines in creating this game has been beneficial for me; I’ve been able to become more confident in my team-work skills as well as practice other ways of working. It’s also inspired me to be more charismatic and competitive because I do believe I could have tried harder.

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